May 25, 2020



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Fantastic Mr. Fox Delivery

What’s up world, this is everyone’s favorite talk show host. Today I am achy. I woke up hurting, and it hasn’t gone away yet. The pain, that is. It’s not that bad though. Yesterday my family and I went on a hike at Burnaby Mountain. Then I did a lot of skateboarding and fell a bunch. that is probably why I am achy. I just got done with school for the day, and it was boring as ever. I had to do algebra and it is definitely not my favorite kind of math. But oh well. Today some packages came, but they were not my movie which is kind of sad. They were from Indigo but I don’t know who they were for. Ok I guess this isn’t that big of an announcement but I just wanted to say that I will be getting rid of the “Reviews” page on the site. But I will be adding the current reviews as blog posts and any further reviews will be blog posts as well. Ok well that is all I wanted to say so I guess this is then end now. Bye for now!

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