May 18, 2020

Hello, it’s the internet’s favorite celebrity, Arlo Cristofaro. Today I went to the Fraser River Foreshore Park with my grandparents. We had a good time and ate some delicious cookies made by Mamanona. I ended up receving a jar of my favorite herb… OREGANO!!!


I have yet to taste some on a cheese toast or something but I opened it in the car on the way home and it smelled amazing. Speaking of oregano, I started writing the first draft for my upcoming mockumentary titled: Oregano. You can watch the trailer here: I am really excited to start filming but I don’t really have any use for the footage that I already shot for the trailer. When I started shooting the film I didn’t really have any sort of idea for what the tone would be and what subtopic of oregano I would be mostly focusing on. To be honest, I still haven’t fully figured that out yet but I definitely have a better understanding of the themes and goals of the film. In other news, I am looking into buying a Blu-Ray copy of the 2009 film Fantastic Mr Fox. This is probably my favorite of Wes Anderson’s work that I have seen so far and it is only $17.95 CAD on Walmart’s website. The only drawback is that it is estimated to be delivered between June 1 – June 10. That feels like a long way away to me and I was looking forward to watching it sooner. I have it on DVD from the library but that copy has a scratch or something and you can’t watch 5-10 minutes of it, so that sucks.

Ok I know you couldn’t tell but I just took a 10 minute break because I just got some new clothes delivered! We ordered them like a month ago and it took way too long to ship them but they’re here now. Here’s a picture of me looking snazzy in my new shirt (and shorts) :

Well, I think that’s all I have to talk about for now but I hope you all have good days and I hope you get all your packages delivered soon. Remember to subscribe to my YouTube Channel and stay tuned for Oregano: The Experience. (I renamed it to suit it better.) Ok bye for now!


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