5 Pranks You Can Pull on Friends or Family

1) Fake Bug Silhouette

This is great if you know someone who is really afraid of bugs. You need to search up on the internet “bug silhouette” and print out one of the pictures. Then, cut along the edge of the bug and tape the cutout to the inside of a lampshade. It will look like there’s an insect in the lamp!

2) Ketchup Splat

Get a ketchup packet like the ones you would find at a fast food restaurant. Then, fold it up so it is fat and tape the edges down to make it stick together. Get another piece of tape, about 4 inches long, and stick one end to the top of the freezer. The other end needs to be stuck on to the ketchup packet. Then, rest the taped-up ketchup packet on top of the freezer. When someone opens and closes the freezer door, they will be in for a messy surprise!

3) Switch the Battery Sides

This is a really easy but annoying prank. Just switch around the direction of the batteries in your tv remote so that negative is at positive and vice-versa. The remote won’t work, but it will look like the batteries are in properly from a first glance. Hopefully your victim will be smart enough to figure it out after a few minutes!

4) Different Sauces

This one is pretty evil, as it can ruin someone’s meal. Get a bottle of your victim’s favorite sauce and unscrew/take off the cap. Get some plastic wrap and cover up the whole, leaving an indent. Fill the little pocket with another sauce , preferably really spice hot sauce. Then screw the cap back on and cut off any excess plastic wrap that is visible. Next time someone wants their favorite sauce, they will get hot sauce instead.

5) Tape Light Switch

This is exactly what it sounds like. All you need is flat light switches and tape. When the lights are turned off, tape down the switch in the position that it’s in. Next time someone tries to turn on the lights in the morning, they will be puzzled at how hard it is to do so!

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