Top 5 T.V. Shows (In My Opinion.

These are the 5 T.V. shows that gave me the most entertainment, made me laugh the most, and have the most rewatchability.
1) SpongeBob SquarePants
This has been my favorite show for years now, and I honestly don’t think there’s anything else that can top it. This show can be both funny and very dark at the same time and there’s nothing else like it. For a deconstruction on one of SpongeBob’s darkest episodes, watch this YouTube video about “Squidville”.

2) The Office (U.S.)
My grandmother introduced me to this show almost two years ago, and for a while, I didn’t think about it very much. That is until I decided to give it a watch and immediately loved it. This is maybe the most rewatchable show on this list, and definitely the one with the most range, emotion wise. If you somehow haven’s seen this show, I would recommend it.
3) The Simpsons
What is there to say that isn’t already said by the fact that this is the longest-running show on television. Everyone has seen at least one episode or clip of this hilarious anthology series. It’s just an essential show that everyone can love if they are willing to lower their brain activity just that little one percent.
4) Teen Titans GO
I have heard a lot of negative things about this show, and I honestly don’t agree with any of them. But comedy is subjective and the humor in this show is a little childish. That all said, I love Teen Titans GO. It is always a fun time and I have yet to see an episode that falls below the high standards that I have come to develop with this show and others like it. It’s not made to be taken seriously, so if you should decide to watch it don’t expect anything more (or less) than a charming and funny kids show.
5) The Good Place
This Good Place is the kind of show that you can watch over a week. It has such an interesting concept that it hilariously executes with originality and a certain style that can’t be replicated. All these add up to a great, hilarious, and rewatchable show that you can watch (most of) on Netflix.

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